Why you need a Titanium Spork?

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GearJunkies when laying out all their outdoor products will have some pretty incredible items. The common items among them are a quality stove, camping cookware, boots, waterproofs, an ultralight tent, etc. The gear selection gets even larger if you are out hunting, fishing, or climbing.

Nevertheless, one item that is often forgotten is a titanium spork. It’s such a simple utensil that can make your camp cooking and preparation so much easier.

In this article, we will cover everything about a titanium spork, its benefits, disadvantages, types of sporks that are available. Lastly, I will cover cleaning/maintenance.

Below is a summary of the contents of this blog piece.

What is a titanium spork?

Types of titanium spork?

The benefits of a titanium spork?

Why do you need a spork?

Is a titanium spork worth it?

How to clean a titanium spork and can I put a titanium spork in the dishwasher?

SilverAnt Titanium Spork Collection with Spork in Cup
What is a titanium spork?

A titanium spork is a lightweight utensil that can be used for both eating and cooking. Designed as a spoon and fork in one, it’s a versatile tool. Some sporks even have a knife as well, so it’s an all-in-one cutlery set.

Made from titanium, a strong and durable metal. A titanium spork is a functional everyday tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including stirring, scooping, and serving food.

There are many materials that can be used to make a spork including titanium, plastic, and stainless steel. Titanium is the best choice as it’s the lightest and also strongest.

Types Of Titanium Spork

When you imagine a titanium spork it depends on where you are in the world. In Europe, they prefer double-ended sporks with a spoon on one end and a fork on the other. In North America, people prefer the fork and spoon design together.

It is a personal preference and depends on how you use the titanium spork.

In general, there are 3 main designs for a titanium spork:

  • A titanium spork with the spoon and fork together
  • A dual-ended spork with the spoon on one end and the fork on another
  • A long-handle titanium spork

In addition to these 3 main spork designs, the finish can be different. In the titanium outdoor industry, all titanium sporks are sandblasted. This is an abrasive finish that gives an even look to the titanium product. There is also a sandblasted and polished finish. This is where the bowl of the spork or cutlery is polished giving a shiny appearance.

Lastly, there is anodized. Anodized is where the titanium spork has either a purple, blue, green, or rainbow color.

All spork styles and finishes depend on your own personal preference. I love long-handled titanium sporks for their ease with dehydrated food packs.

Types of Titanium Spork SilverAnt infographic

Benefits Of A Titanium Spork

When you think of a titanium spork you don’t think of it as an outdoor gear item that will save your life. Definitely not as cool as your wood-burning stove or hunting knife but absolutely essential. Perhaps your spork could be called an unsung hero in your gear collection?


The first main benefit of a titanium spork is that it’s reusable. Once bought as long as you don’t misplace it, it will provide a lifetime of service. Being reusable reduces the need for plastic or single-use cutlery. You can use your spork at the office daily with your lunchbox or when camping and hiking.


This leads nicely to some of titanium’s natural properties. Titanium is biocompatible, anticorrosive, and mold/bacteria resistant. Biocompatible means not harmful to the human body. After years of use, no harmful chemicals will leach affecting the taste of your food or water. In contrast, stainless steel degrades over time leaching and plastic also has the risk of BPA’s.

For those that don’t like cleaning too much, or don’t have the ability to clean thoroughly. This is especially true when thru-hiking. A titanium spork with its bacteria resistance makes it the perfect option for adventures. When you only have the option of wiping with a cloth or cleaning with limited water, a titanium spork will serve you very well.

The final most known benefits of a titanium spork are its weight and strength.


A titanium spork only weighs around 15 grams. Which is very impressive considering the strength and durability. When you are out backpacking or trekking having an ultralight titanium spork means you can save some vital weight and space.


A titanium spork is also very strong. They can’t be broken or snapped like a plastic spork. However, they can bend with enough force exerted. So if this happens just bend the spork back into place.

Benefits of a titanium spork infographic silverant

Why do you need a spork?

A spork is an essential item whether you are eating at home or out camping. As we have explored titanium sporks are very versatile and strong. With the added benefits of being ultralight, reusable, and bacteria-resistant they make perfect sense for the outdoors. Let’s explore some advantages and disadvantages of using a titanium spork.


Lightweight – A titanium spork is ultralight only weighing around 15 grams on average.

Strong - For something so light it’s incredible how strong and durable they are.

Reusable - A titanium spork can be used again and again. They are built for a lifetime of use. So whether you use yours daily at the office to remove single-use plastics or while camping for dehydrated food packs. A quality titanium spork is built for a lifetime of use.

Functional- There are many styles of titanium spork. If you want a spork with a long handle to stir food and get to the bottom of dehydrated food packs then the SilverAnt long handle spork is for you. If you want a dual-ended spork or a standard combined fork/spoon combo these are great for stirring coffee and eating with.

Healthy - No rust, chemicals leaching, or coatings peeling. A titanium spork is safe for a lifetime of use. The quality of your food and water will never be affected.


Loss - The biggest issue with cutlery, whether that’s a titanium spork or cutlery set is misplacement. To prevent loss use paracord or string like in the military to make a “racing spoon”.

Scratching - Titanium is tough and durable but this also means that it can scratch other materials easily. Stirring food with a titanium spork can scratch the surface of your pan. Secondly, on such materials as ceramic plates and bowls scratch marks are easily left with titanium utensils.

Is a Titanium Spork worth it?

After assessing the pros and cons of a titanium spork it should be clear the power of this small utensil!

In the outdoor industry, many great brands offer a range of titanium sporks and titanium cutlery. There are heaps of options and all are well-priced.

A quality spork should cost anywhere from $10-$25. For a complete titanium cutlery set, you should expect $20-$30. The main factors to look for are weight, finish, and quality lifetime warranty.

By checking the titanium spork’s weight you can see where it stands in the market in comparison. If the spork weighs more than an almost identical item ask why!

With the finish, if it is a classic sandblasted spork then it will be cheaper in contrast to an anodized spork. An anodized titanium spork is a super cool-looking spork that will be the envy of your adventure companions.

For the product guarantee ensure there is a lifetime warranty. Of course, this doesn’t mean loss but if the spork’s fork end gets bent beyond use or such then the fork can be repaired or replaced.

How to Clean Your Titanium Spork?

For the finale how to best clean your titanium spork.

Can I wash a titanium spork in a dishwasher?

The answer is yes because the construction is 100% titanium. There are no silicon seals alike in a titanium water bottle or titanium hip flask. Just remember to never use an abrasive cloth to wash and rinse as this will affect the surface finish of the titanium spork. Also if you have attached paracord or string to the titanium spork, remove this before washing to protect the integrity of the rope.

When out on your adventures clean with the wipe of a shirt, a rag, or in a fresh mountain stream. While at the campsite leave a bit of hot boiled water to rinse and clean your pots, utensils, and cups.


A titanium spork is an incredible piece of kit. It’s one of those items in your gear bag that will get used repeatedly. Whether your intention of purchasing one is for the office lunch box or the upcoming hiking trip. A quality titanium spork will serve you well whatever the environment.

If you have any questions please leave a message below. Thanks for reading and onwards to your next adventure.


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