About Us

"It is this combined passion for the outdoors, and vision to provide people with a lifetime product that sets us apart."

It took a long time to get to where SilverAnt is today. The story started with the founder building his craft over three decades ago. 

Working as an engineer in the aeronautical industry, he specialized in building the titanium components needed for our modern airplanes. After building his titanium engineering proficiency his entrepreneurial spirit arose. Alike most founders he realized the aeronautical industry was limited in promotions and growth. Knowing this, he decided to follow his passion for the outdoors and create titanium outdoor products. 

After a couple of failures, and some time to raise the funds his factory opened in 2003. Personally, as his own career was growing as an engineer and CEO, SilverAnt’s founder was most fortunate to be blessed with twin boys. 

As his sons grew they became used to visiting their father at the factory building titanium outdoor gear for his customers. It was an extra blessing as on the holidays they would together as a family go off camping with the multiple outdoor products they produced. 

With time passing quickly as it does, both sons were off to university. The oldest by only a few minutes studied business management. The youngest if you can say youngest followed in his father's footsteps and studied engineering. 

At the time of their master's graduation in 2018, SilverAnt was officially trademarked. The family's dream of building their own outdoor company had become a reality. 

With the birth of SilverAnt things moved quickly as the family strove to build a strong diverse team. Within a year two new partners had joined the SilverAnt brand.

Fast forward to today SilverAnt is a family and friend-owned outdoor company. We have colleagues from China, Czech, England, Egypt, Holland, Japan, and Slovenia. We wish as we continue to grow that our team becomes even more diverse and rich with culture. As a multicultural company, we all share the same values and love of the outdoors. It is this passion that unites us.

At SilverAnt our mission is to create the best outdoor products that are built for a lifetime of adventures.