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Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove

  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors
  • Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove - SilverAnt Outdoors

SilverAnt Outdoors

Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove


The SilverAnt Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove is our companies first foray into making a woodburning stove. We wanted to create a product that is phenomenally light, robust and easy to pack away. Using all the properties of titanium we have come to love, this wood burning stove is everything you would need and more. Functioning as a firepit and stove with built-in folding flaps for additional cooking, the titanium stove is multifunctional. And did I mention it is assembled in minutes. With carefully designed fast-folding panels, you can construct this stove quickly and I mean fast! No tools are required, each panel features secure rotating clips which you move 90 degrees to position in the respective groove. Your next problem should the elements be terrible is to get the fire started.

The titanium stove features a titanium foil chimney which is constructed by rolling horizontally. The chimney comes with 5 spacers and a chimney housing which attaches to the rear of the stove. We don't have a built-in chimney housing but a detachable attachment for greater convenience and a complete flat-folding stove. When constructed the chimney itself extends to over 6 feet, and has a diameter of 6cm, the same as the titanium chimney spacers and main housing at the rear of the stove. Built into the titanium door is a quick-adjust ventilation system which is great for burning wood in contrast to charcoal.



Grade 1 quality titanium

Uncoated and unlined

Fast fold construction

Ultralight titanium construction


Lifetime Guarantee



Height = 340mm/13.38inches
Length = 375mm/14.76inches
Weight = 2060g/4.54 pounds


Length = 2000mm/78inches
Diameter = 60mm/2.36inches 
Weight = 378g/0.83 pounds

Total Weight = 2438g/5.37 pounds

What's In The Box

1 x Main Stove Housing 
1 x Stove Top With Retractable Cooking Flaps
1 x Chimney Housing
5 x Chimney Housing Rings
2 x Drawstring Bags

Assembly Tips

The SilverAnt chimney is made from 1 sheet of very thin titanium. To construct, roll widthwise/horizontally to have a full-length chimney. Assembling can be a little tricky the first time and we advise some friendly help and equally spacing the full length with the titanium rings. After using the chimney for the first time the titanium foil will remember the shape, therefore on further use, the chimney assembly will become much easier. Just remember after the first burn the shape will "set", this also means for the actual stove body as well, ensure each flap is securely clasped and each corner is perpendicular/90 degrees forming a perfect rectangle. This is because once more the shape setting under intense heat. In addition wrinkles and creases in the pipe should be avoided if possible as these will be heat-set permanently after the first burn. 

Warning and Precautions

The SilverAnt Titanium Ultralight Foldable Wood Burning Stove, whether burning charcoal or wood gets extremely hot. Titanium, a superior material exacerbates this and we advise caution, using protective gear such as gloves, fire poker etc these should be minimum requirements. The chimney also gets extremely hot and a good clearance of at least half a metre should be used around the stove. Furthermore after burning please leave ample time for the stove to cool, even more so after burning charcoal. The stove can still be hot well after 12 hours of burning in the right climate.
Extra precautions should be taken with pets and children to ensure maximum safety. Have fun and enjoy the natural environment. Please pay extra attention to burning in sensitive environments.

Product Care:

For our products, we advise washing with a non-abrasive cloth and warm water using a mild detergent. If you use an abrasive cloth you will scratch and affect the natural finish of the titanium. Please do not upon return from your trip, wash the titanium in a dishwasher, please wash by hand. After washing please dry and store ready for the next adventure.
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    SilverAnt at present has fulfilment centres in the United States, Europe and China. We presently use 4PX, Amazon Logistics, USPS, DHL and UPS to ship customer orders.

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    It is with regret at this present time we are unable to ship to Europe. This is due to the updated policies regarding IOSS. At SilverAnt we are presently applying for this to ensure compliance with the European Union. Nevertheless, with the ongoing situation regarding supply chain demand, other business applications, and Covid-19 there is a delay.

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  • How long is the product warranty?

    All products are covered by a lifetime warranty yet we base each case individually depending on the reason for damage and its cause, costs maybe incurred for shipping and repairs should the damage not be caused by issues with the products integrity.

    Where are the products manufactured?

    All our products are manufactured in China with the utmost care and attention to specific designs and of SilverAnt Outdoors.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we ship worldwide and we offer great rates and ship all our products with …

    What is the expected delivery time for an international order?

    At SilverAnt Outdoors we aim to ensure all products are delivered within 10-12 business days from the date of purchase with our courier…. However, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this may differ. All orders are shipping with a tracking number ensuring peace of mind for your order.

    What grade titanium are your products made from?

    All our products are made from grade 1 titanium ensuring the products integrity for a lifetime. In addition all our products are certified by the FDA and SGS guaranteeing the highest quality for you the consumer.

    Is the titanium coated?

    No we do not coat our products they are sanded and washed and that is all. We believe in maintaining the integrity of the titanium ensuring a lifetime of use and protecting the antibacterial, non allergenic and non toxic properties. Sand blasting is powered by compressed air to form a high speed jet beam to spray the titanium surface. The titanium is then finally washed with water multiple times before drying and packaging.

    Is the product welding also titanium?

    Yes, we can't use different metals. Every metal has a different melting point. We can't change it. We can't change the melting point of other materials to the same temperature as titanium and fuse with each other.

    What is your return policy?

    If you are unsatisfied with your product order please contact us immediately at We offer a 30 day return policy for all products providing proof of receipt in that 30 days. For damage or to repair based on the lifetime warranty please contact us to organise sending the product back to us for repair or replacement.

    What is the best protocol for cleaning the my titanium gear?

    We highly recommend never using a dishwasher and only washing with water by hand. Please don’t use an abrasive cloth as this will damage and scratch the titanium and reduce its longevity, use a fabric cloth with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly and dry. Then store in your rucksack ready for the next adventure.


Quality titanium

We use the highest quality titanium in our products construction, to last a lifetime


Use in confidence that no harmful chemicals will influence your food or water

lifetime warranty

Titanium lasts a lifetime, and so does our product warranty