11 Daily Benefits of a Titanium Water Bottle

11 Daily Benefits of a Titanium Water Bottle

In this article, I will go through the 11 daily benefits of a titanium water bottle and why you should buy one too. I chose particularly to focus on daily benefits because once you have a titanium water bottle you reap these 11 benefits daily. 

In the 21st century, there has been a major trend in which people are carrying their own water bottles. With consciousness rising about single-use plastics as well sustainable lifestyles. It's easier than ever to get your hands on a quality water bottle. 

But the problem is what material do I buy? There are glass, BPA-free plastic options, plastic water bottles, copper, stainless steel, and the list goes on...

Yet there is still a far superior material to consider. TITANIUM

Titanium is a fantastic option for a water bottle because of its unique chemical properties. Even though titanium is the 6th most available mineral resource on Earth. It is still a resource that is difficult to source, hard to work with, and expensive to buy. But once these obstacles have been overcome you have a material that is built for a lifetime of adventures.

Below is a summary of the key points I will discuss in this article.




Single-wall VS Double-wall





Uncoated and unlined



And to Finish 👇

What to look for in a titanium water bottle before buying?

So let's get this show on the road and start with what titanium is most well known for.

SilverAnt Outdoors Benefits of a titanium water bottle infographic

1. Ultralight

Titanium is a super lightweight metal. And this is because of its natural density. If you were to pick up a stainless steel water bottle and a titanium water bottle. You can instantly feel the weight difference. 

Daily you don't want to be carrying a heavy water bottle around. The success of single-use plastics has been their convenience. So the last thing you want is a heavy oversized water bottle. This is even more so when you are backpacking and having to carry your own food and water. A titanium water bottle helps reduce your weight and is still an incredibly strong container for your water. 

Without titanium, I wouldn't be able to sit on a Boeing 747 from Hong Kong to London with 300 other people. Imagine trying to get a stainless steel plane up in the air. It's why most modern planes are built with Aluminum and Titanium.

2. Strong

Of all the metals, titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio. This makes it an amazing material to use for a vast array of industries. Titanium's used in aviation, shipping, mining, medicine, and more. 

When compared to aluminum, titanium is double the strength. Against stainless steel, titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. This makes it an incredibly strong material to use. 

3. Durable

Having a titanium water bottle is a big advantage because you have a product that is hard to break. With plastic or glass in particular you have to be very cautious. Rarely does a glass or plastic water bottle survive a good drop. Usually, it's a moment when you need to go buy a new water bottle as the prior one has shattered or cracked.

Of course, with titanium or steel, you can drop it and dent it but overall both materials are stronger and more durable. 

For a day-to-day water bottle, you need something that's durable. If you have a non-durable water bottle in a couple of years you will end up replacing it. With a titanium water bottle because it's strong and durable the life of the bottle is extended. There is a good chance that your titanium water bottle can surpass a lifetime of use. 

4. Single-wall VS Double-wall

A single-wall titanium water bottle means that the water bottle is constructed with one layer of titanium. A double-wall titanium water bottle is made using two. Now the question here isn't what's better. The better question is what's the most functional for my own use?

The double-wall titanium water bottle resembles a classic thermos flask. If you love to drink hot beverages, this ensures that they are warmer for longer. 

Single-wall titanium water bottles in contrast are lighter and constructed using only one layer of titanium. This is great for those that don't want to carry hot beverages. For those that love camping and hiking single-wall titanium water bottles are the better choice. Once again it's lighter, but more so you can boil water in the water bottle. 

When water sources are scarce being able to boil water inside your water bottle is a huge advantage. Place the bottle on your camping stove, ensure the lid is off and wait till the water boils. Add a purification tablet for safety and let the water bottle cool. For those that want to both reduce the gear they carry as well as ensuring each item is multipurpose. A single-wall titanium water bottle is a phenomenal solution. 

At SilverAnt we have both single-wall and double-wall titanium water bottles. 

5. Biocompatible

In the 21st century in a time of so much information, we have never been better informed. It is empowering to see people learning what products in their everyday life are positive and negative. This leads me to the next benefit of a titanium water bottle. 

What is biocompatibility?

Biocompatibility means: 

"Compatibility with living tissue or a living system by not being toxic, injurious, or physiologically reactive and not causing immunological rejection.” Source Merriam Webster

In plain terms, a biocompatible material doesn't harm the human body in any way. As I write this piece I look down at my left thumb to see the scar and underneath there is a titanium plate. In medicine whether for tooth implants or hip replacements titanium is the most commonly chosen material.

But what does this mean for my titanium water bottle?

It means using a titanium water bottle you will never have any chemicals leaching that can be harmful to the human body. Over time Stainless Steel leaches Nickel and Chromium. And Aluminum also has a risk of exposure. These are both dangerous to the human body. 

When compared to plastic and even advertised BPA-free water bottles there is still the risk of toxins. This is because plastic comes from polycarbonates. Polycarbonates are derived from the oil distillation process. 

"Products made from polycarbonate can contain the precursor monomer bisphenol A (BPA)." Source Wikipedia

BPA's are pretty much banned everywhere worldwide. They have been proven to cause damage to human reproduction, neurology, and immunity. Pretty scary stuff for something so cheap from a convenience store.

A daily benefit of using a titanium water bottle is for your health.

6. Hypoallergenic

Another additional benefit of a titanium water bottle, and a further health benefit is titanium being hypoallergenic.

"Hypoallergenic, meaning "below average" or "slightly" allergenic, is a term meaning that something (usually cosmetics, pets, textiles, food, etc.) causes fewer allergic reactions. " Source Wikipedia

Hypoallergenic means that the material won't produce an allergic response. You may know a friend or family member that is allergic to a particular metal. They cant wear silver, stainless steel, or gold jewelry. They are left with a red rash. Metal allergies are pretty common and it's another great reason to use a titanium water bottle.

7. Anti-corrosive

When you hear the word anti-corrosive it doesn't paint a pretty picture. But when talking about a water bottle it is something you definitely want. 

Anti-corrosive means:

“used or intended to inhibit or prevent corrosion anticorrosion coatings anti-corrosion measures.” Source Merriam Webster

When a material corrodes it causes chemicals to leach with it. Now when you think about this with your water or food, it becomes much more important. As I earlier mentioned with biocompatibility, materials like stainless steel and aluminum leach chemicals over time. This is only exacerbated if your water bottle isn't anti-corrosive. 

Titanium is naturally anti-corrosive. Titanium is the most common material used in ocean exploration, offshore oil and gas wells, and water-based infrastructure projects. This is because titanium is lightweight and strong,  but more so seawater won't corrode and degrade the material. With other metals, they corrode and the integrity of the material is affected. On critical ocean infrastructure projects, this needs to be factored in. 

So what does anti-corrosive have to do with my titanium water bottle?

By using a titanium water bottle daily you are removing the possibility of chemicals leaching into your water. You have no risk of nickel, chromium, or BPA exposure! Pair this with titanium's natural biocompatibility, hypoallergenic, and anticorrosive properties. You now have a material that daily elevates your health. A titanium water bottle is a simple solution to better quality water each day.

8. Taste

Tying in closely with the other health benefits of a titanium water bottle, you also have taste. As mentioned earlier chemicals leaching into your stainless steel or plastic water bottle happen over time. In a plastic water bottle, the scary element is there will very often be no taste impairment. With a stainless steel bottle, you sometimes will notice a slightly metallic taste. Too often this is ignored but it is a sure sign your water bottle is degrading.

Another similar test to perform the quality of a water bottle is how long you can leave the water in the bottle. Of course, this isn't something I want you to test, but by leaving water in a bottle for a long time the water tastes different. This is especially true of plastic and stainless steel water bottles. Nevertheless, with titanium, this isn't an issue, unless of course your leaving water in there for weeks on end. Enjoy fresh and clean water each day with your titanium water bottle.

Another collection of products that enjoy the health properties of titanium is SilverAnt's titanium hip flask range. Often customers will leave their favorite alcohol stored inside the hip flask for long periods of time. With each sip, they are assured great-tasting alcohol and this is because titanium doesn't impair the flavor and taste. 

For those that don't like cleaning too often, titanium is also mold and bacteria-resistant. 

9. Uncoated and Unlined

There are many titanium water bottles available on the market and one of the most important things to ensure is whether the bottle is coated or lined. With stainless steel or plastic water bottles, it's common to have a coating or lining. It's why there are so many color options available for these water bottles. 

Every SilverAnt titanium water bottle is uncoated and unlined.

A quick sure way to test the quality of your titanium water bottle is to boil water inside. Use a gas-powered camping stove and boil water. If the titanium water bottle is coated or lined the finish will begin to flake. Typically a coating or lining cant withstand the heat from boiling. This is super common for cheaper titanium water bottles on the market. 

You will know a friend that's got a super old water bottle with the finish peeling. For your health, you will want to avoid these water bottles at all costs because you don't know how the finish was achieved, and more so what chemicals were used to paint/line the water bottle.

If unsure always send a message to the company asking how they manufacture their water bottle or titanium water bottle.

10. Longevity

When seeking a titanium water bottle as a customer and user the biggest question is how long will it last.

This is an extremely important question and ensures value for money as well as product longevity. Titanium because of its many properties is a material that can be used for a lifetime. It is a daily reusable item that can be used outdoors as well as in the office.

Titanium water bottles take very little maintenance. You just need to clean often and replace the silicon leakproof seal every few years. At SilverAnt we offer replaceable silicon seals for our entire range of water bottles. Once you have invested in the titanium water bottle it is a lifetime companion. 

At SilverAnt our brand slogan and ethos is - gear built for a lifetime of adventures. When you buy a water bottle from us you get a lifetime warranty. 

11. Finish

The final benefit of a titanium water bottle is the finish. Titanium has that classic space grey color that just looks epic. Whenever I come to upgrade my iPhone or MacBook I always choose the space grey. It reminds me of the titanium finish. It doesn't matter what color options Apple releases each year I always opt for the space grey finish.

When you are amongst your friends there is something about the allure of titanium. You become the envy of your friends and they all are in awe of the lightness of your gear bag. This in my opinion comes from the benefits and properties of titanium and the outright epic look.

What to look for in a titanium water bottle?

SilverAnt What to look for in your titanium water bottle infographic 

At SilverAnt we have a complete range of titanium water bottles. You can get a small 400ml/14fl oz water bottle or a 1500ml/52.8fl oz one. We also have single-wall and double-wall titanium water bottles. In total as of writing, we have 12 water bottles, the largest range in the titanium outdoor market! This means that we know a thing or two about what makes a great water bottle.

Below are the absolutely essential things to check for before buying your titanium water bottle.

Silicon Food Grade seal

The first thing to look for is whether the water bottle has a food-grade silicon seal. the silicon seal ensures that your water bottle is leakproof. More importantly, you want to be able to replace the seal. Titanium lasts a lifetime but silicon seals can get dirty and need replacing.

Weld Quality

The next point is the weld quality. SilverAnt was founded in 2018 but our founder has been producing titanium outdoor gear for 20+ years.  We have our own ISO:9001-2015 certified factory so we know what it means to have great weld quality. When you are looking to buy a titanium water bottle inspect customer images carefully on social media to see the quality. If there is a visible line then it's a sign of poorer welding.

Titanium Lid

When looking for a titanium water bottle you want a titanium lid too. Yes, the titanium unscrewing sound at first can be a little annoying but for the health benefits, it's well worth it. Avoiding BPA’s and chemicals leaching is the number one priority! With the titanium lid for practicality, you also want a clip lock to attach a carabiner. I love being able to clip a carabiner onto my water bottle and it's why every SilverAnt water bottle has this function.


Another requirement for your water bottle is that it is fit for purpose. If you want your water bottle to hold hot water and keep it warmer for longer. Then a SilverAnt double-wall titanium thermos water bottle will be better. If you want to boil water on your bikepacking expedition, you will need a single-wall titanium water bottle. When buying a titanium water bottle it is important to know what functions you need most and then make a purchase based on your personal needs. Also, the function will help you decide which size water bottle will best suit you. 


There are many titanium water bottles on the market and a big reason for buying them is weight. Nevertheless, not all ti water bottles are created equal. Check the weight and see how it stacks up against competitors. Ask the customer service team what grade titanium is used in the construction and this will help you make a better buying decision. 

Tip - The higher the titanium grade ie, Grade 1 or 2 the lighter. The lower the grade ie, Grade 4 or 5 the higher percentage of other metals so therefore heavier.


The price is the last factor to look for when buying your ti water bottle. As mentioned there are many titanium water bottles on the market. And more choices mean more decisions. When factoring this in you want to buy from a company with experience. If you choose not to buy from SilverAnt - no dramas, at least buy from Snowpeak or Vargo. These guys are also innovative outdoor companies with great products. They also have great warranties and provide products for a lifetime.

SilverAnt titanium water bottle infographic telling points to ensure your bottle has


Firstly thanks for reading this article. I hope that it helps you make a better-informed decision for your titanium water bottle. If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

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