The Authorized Retailer Network is comprised of brick and mortar/ e-commerce partners, which are part of our Global Authorized Retailer Network, an integral aspect to our business. From the very beginning we have had bold plans for the future and are excited to collaborate with retailers to expand our brand. SilverAnt Outdoors is a small growing outdoor company with a visible Social Media and Retail presence. We are by no means Patagonia, but we are growing and that's super exciting.
As a company we have integral values which have helped us get to where we are today. SilverAnt Outdoors pursues first-rate customer service, quality products and is accredited by the best in the business for our products. It’s no walk in the park to be accredited by TUV and ISO when the market is saturated with cheap alternatives.
Nevertheless, we are proud to produce the highest quality, and furthermore in pursuit of the best products for our customers there can be no compromises. Another advantage of the SilverAnt Outdoors brand is we own the factories which produce our products and have full control of our supply chain, from materials to QC. We are super proud to produce for our own brand alongside other international brands and our factories are accredited by TUV and ISO, we have also been in the Titanium Industry for 20 years! Now that brings me to more information regarding our Wholesale & Authorised Retailer Network.
We are excited to partner with E-commerce Stores alongside traditional businesses to promote our brand by offering exciting value to both you and your customers. We believe in personality and shall work hard to tailor to your specific needs, here are a few details of what we provide for our retailers:
  • Highly profitable wholesale discounts
  • Fast premium shipping
  • Free Samples for you to test with your audience
  • Exclusive newsletters containing essential resources, product updates, early access to new products, promotional tools and much more!
  • Comprehensive after sales support (We own our factories so no middle men, ever!)
  • Professional promotional material alongside design and consulting services
  • Online and visual merchandising support from our dedicated graphic designers and marketers
  • Seasonal and yearly discounts Product collaborations for your audience
  • Professional specific product design and development

Now what I stated above is pretty much what you would expect from a wholesale partnership, nevertheless we actively seek to over deliver and ensure that the whole process is seamless, to create a long lasting relationship that is beneficial for us both. If this sounds like something you as a business owner would be interested to learn more about please contact our dedicated staff to learn more and lets start a fruitful business collaboration together!

Do you have a question? A suggestion? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!