Why You Should Buy A Great Hip Flask & How To Maintain That Great Taste?

Why You Should Buy A Great Hip Flask & How To Maintain That Great Taste?

Why you should buy a great hip flask and how to maintain that great taste?

 When it comes to celebrating that summit peak, that project send or just a great campsite atmosphere with friends there is nothing better than sharing over a quality tipple.

 The SilverAnt hip flask range has 2 sizes the 200ml and 260ml. They are both light as a feather and only differ in weight by an astonishing 7grams without liquid! They both come with a titanium funnel to make pouring simpler and reducing spillage. There is nothing worse than wasting great quality Scotch!

 SilverAnt 260ml Hip Flask

The differentiating component of why you should choose titanium as your chosen hip flask material is its biocompatibility. When you use other metals you can after liquid has been left inside for a long time begin to have an impaired taste of your alcohol and this is only exacerbated with time. Whereas with grade 1 titanium this issue is eradicated. You heard me eradicated! This is due to the composition of titanium itself and hence why the medical profession use it extensively. There is no leaching of chemicals or oxidisation with liquids or gases. So if you want to keep the SilverAnt hip flask in your gear bag between excursions there is no worry you will still experience time after time that great taste.

 Alongside a built in design feature is the secure cap. How frustrating it would be to suddenly lose the lid and then your flask becomes unusable. Well say goodbye to that dilemma as our is secure in a titanium casing and also you get with each purchase a drawstring carry case which you can put the funnel in too.

 After use cleaning the hip flask is easy and just requires a mild detergent and warm water to wash. afterwards leave the hipflask in a well ventilated area to dry. once dry you can use the funnel to pour your favourite alcohol again or equally purchase a new choice and try something different. with switching between alcohol you will have no problem with taste impairment as long as you thoroughly wash dry and air the flask.

 Cheers to your next adventure!


 If you want to purchase our hip flask just head on over to our website or equally Amazon to buy.



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