A Lifetime Companion | SilverAnt’s Titanium Water Bottle Range

A Lifetime Companion | SilverAnt’s Titanium Water Bottle Range

As we continue through the 21st century it has become alarming the amount of plastic bottles that were discarded during the 20th century and in our opening 20 years of this century. Nonetheless there has been a huge push in recent years to change our purchasing habits from coffee shops selling reusable cups for your daily caffeine hit to cities providing drinking water stations to refill at.

This is a great start changing the habit of heading into a 7/11 and buying a bottle of Evian to hydrate and instead carrying your own water bottle. In the market there are a huge variety of options when purchasing a water bottle nowadays and this is where SilverAnt jumps in with their range of ultralight titanium bottles.

The scientific community clearly states the benefits of daily hydrating and drinking 2-3 litres of water. Its great for flushing out daily toxins from our kidneys, and helping brain function. There is nothing worse than working in an office dehydrated, your concentration levels depleted and the onset of a migraine.

SilverAnt 800ml Titanium Water Bottle

Now each individual is unique and based on body weight requires different quantities of water and this is where our robust range of water bottles is able to cater for almost every individual. From our smallest micro bottle the 400ml to our largest the 1200ml bottle, we know we have a bottle for everyone. All our bottles are manufactured using 100% grade 1 titanium and are ultralight yet super strong. Each water bottle is a single wall design and this allows extra functionality. By this I mean every water bottle can be used over a stove or campfire to boil water, just remember to always boil water with the cap off for safety and reducing the pressure accumulated from boiling.

There is another reason we use titanium to manufacture our products and that is its natural biocompatibility. This means that there will throughout its use be no nasty chemicals released. No wonders titanium is so often used in medical procedures. When you purchase a plastic water bottle you will commonly see the tag no BPA’s etc and this is there to show the product conforms to particular regulations and that this bottle has been checked and manufactured using synthetic plastic which doesn’t produce harmful chemicals.

SilverAnt Titanium Water bottle

Now as I stated earlier we designed all our water bottles to be single wall for optimal lightness and durability and that’s why with every water-bottle we provide a thermal sleeve to keep your warm beverages warmer for longer. Also most of our bottles feature a clip cap which is great for clipping a carabiner to should you wish, alongside a silicon food grade seal.

To check out our entire range of water bottles head on over to SilverAnt Outdoors now.

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